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Lunch & Dinner Menu

 11:30AM - 8PM 

Small Plates

Soup of the Day 6

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French Onion Soup 15
Broth, onions, red wine, thyme, croutons, gruyere cheese

Butter Chicken Poutine (Saveur Des Monts) 12
Hibou fries topped with tandoori chicken sausage, cheese curds, cilantro and red pepper

Extra Fancy Brussel Sprouts 11
     with pine nuts, parmesan and truffle oil

Smokin’ Nachos 15  

Smoked salsa, cheddar; mozzarella, chipotle & lime sour cream
(Add Hale Farm seasoned ground beef 6, add guacamole 2.5)

(choose hot to go, or heat at home)

Fish Taco 9 
1 taco of fried haddock, red cabbage slaw, pickled onions, cilantro


Age Dashi 15

Age Dashi broth, fried silken tofu, zucchini, Japanese eggplant, scallions

**11:30AM-3PM** Soup & Sandwich Special 15

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Thaï Bowl 24
Thai broth, rice noodles, crispy braised pork belly, “Le Coprin” mushrooms, bok choy, fresh herbs


Eat-Your-Greens Meal Salad 19

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Duck Gumbo 26
Duck leg confit, tomatoes, okra, white and wild rice


Le Hibou Sirloin Burger (Hale Farm) 19
Old cheddar, bacon, arugula, maple chipotle BBQ sauce with Hibou fries  

*add: caramelized onion $1.50 *guacamole 2.50


Veggie Black Bean & Beet Burger 18  
Goat’s cheese, arugula, multigrain bun, pickled onion, smoked paprika aioli and a house salad 

Fish & Chips 18 
Fried haddock (2 pieces), Hibou fries, tartar sauce, creamy slaw and lemon

Sides and Add-Ons
Guacamole $3

Salad (greens, tomatoes, chevre) $7

Hand-cut Fries $7

Caramelized Onions $2

Substitute salad, fries or half/half $2.50

For Kids

Pizza 9

Classic Cheese

Spaghetti 9 

Meat sauce

Fish & Chips 9


Hibou's Flourless chocolate cake  9

Chef's choice 9 

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Breakfast Menu

8AM to 11:30AM

Breakfast Sandwich $8
Egg, bacon, cheddar cheese and tomato with pesto mayo on a multigrain bun

Huevos Burrito $8 
Eggs, guacamole, Cheddar, salsa and black bean spread wrapped in a flour tortilla


Pastry or scone of the day $3.5

From Our Freezer

Available during opening hours

Green Thai Chicken Curry with half a chicken, onions, peppers & mushrooms, *dairy free - For two 20$

Paneer with a butter chicken sauce, green peas & naan bread - For two 20$

Spicy Apricot shrimp, (10 Argentine shrimp) and a creamy apricot rose sauce great on pasta! - For two 20$

(or an appetizer for 4 with our home made bread!)

Veggie Black Bean & Beet Burger Patty’s
2 for 8$
4 for 16$


Soup 1Ltr for two – 10$

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