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Enjoy Le Hibou deliciousness at home with a great selection of menu items from our freezer

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Available 7 days during opening ours

(subject to availability)

Green Thaï Chicken Curry with onions, peppers & peas, *dairy free - For two 20$

(serve with rice)

Paneer with a butter chicken sauce, green peas & naan bread - For two 20$

Spicy Apricot shrimp, (10 Argentinian shrimp) and a creamy apricot rose sauce great on pasta! - For two 20$

(or an appetizer for 4 with our home made bread!)

Lentil Panang Curry, contains coconut & peanuts​ - For two 20$

(serve with rice)

Spicy Szechuan Tofu with cabbage, leeks, carrots and shitake mushrooms

Heat & serve with rice - For two 20$

(serve with rice)

2 Confit Duck Legs - in a classic red wine sauce - For two 28$

(15 to 20 minutes at 400f skin side up)

(serve with your favourite side)

Veggie Black Bean & Beet Burger Patties

2 for 8$

4 for 16$

Soup 1Ltr for two – 10$

Ask us what's on offer today

Beef Bourguignon Meat Pie 6$

Beef, carrot, onion, red wine, beef broth

(cook 45 minutes at 375 f)

South West Chicken Meat Pie 6$

Chicken, corn, onion, celery, bell pepper, chipotle, tomato)

(cook 45 minutes at 375 f)

Salmon Pie 6$

Salmon, lemon, capers, cream and green peas

(cook 45 minutes at 375 f)

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