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Hibou's "POP-UP from the TIKI HUT" - Fri & Sat, May 21 & 22 from noon to 4pm

On Friday May 21 & Saturday May 22, Le Hibou will be offing a special pop-up menu exclusively from our TIKI HUT.

So if you're out enjoying the sunshine in Wakefield, POP IN to our POP-UP and enjoy some hand held tasty treats brought to you by Hibou's new sous-chef, Blake Williams.


Lamb Lettuce Wrap $11

BBQ pulled lamb shoulder, Boston bib lettuce, tzatziki, pickled shallot, radish, mint

Haemul Pajeon (Korean Seafood Pancake) $9

Smoked salmon, scallion, soy pickled cucumbers, choganjang dipping sauce

Grilled Mushrooms $13.50

King oyster mushrooms, pickled Le Coprin cinnamon cap mushrooms, Parmesan, parsley, truffle oil, fried rosemary

Jamaican Jerk Chicken $13

Jerk chicken, iceberg lettuce, pickled golden beet, habanero honey


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