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Le Hibou Live & Local avec Luther Wright jeudi le 18 avril 19 h 00

Gratuit - Pas de réservation

Spectacle à 19h - Cuisine 'jusqu'à 20h30

Here's some of what they say about him...

"He occupies a distinct space thanks to off-kilter phrasing and a refusal to be sonically restricted. At times his style can border on annoying, but when he hits his marks, Wright (with his Wrongs) pulls off some truly magical Canadiana."

Matt Williams-Now Magazine

"Wright now seems settled into life as a Canadian indie fixture, making records that in some ways don’t sound like anything else out there. At their core, however, is an honesty that provides a constant reminder of what country music is really all about."

Jason Schneider -FYI Music

"A Canadian staple at Banjo Jim's that showcases smart, sassy, down home twang and so many good songs, hooks, and lyrics that ye olde "criminally ignored" lamentations applied to most everything I heard. Wright himself is a beacon of alt-country silliness"

Jim Walsh-Reveille Magazine NYC

"Wright's wordplay stands up with the best of the genre"

Pittsburgh City Paper


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