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Stuff to do in the region all winter long

Wakefield is just wonderful in winter! So much to do in the Great Outdoors!!!

You can downhill ski at Ski Vorlage

Also, we’re right on the doorstep of the Gatineau Park where P17 gives you access to trails #72 for Fatbiking & snowshoeing and trails #52 #53 for x-country skiing

Check out the ski conditions here:

Don’t have all the equipement? That’s ok, you can rent downhill skis right at Ski Vorlage and fatbikes, skis and snowshoes at Expéditions Wakefield

Did you know Wakefield is the half-way point between Ottawa and the popular Patinage en Foret in Lac Des Loups. (Yes you can rent skates there too!)

We're also half way to Low Qc where you can go Dog Sledding at Ferme L'Aventure.


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