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heat and eat chez vous!

HIBOU CHEZ VOUS  is available daily during opening hours...

Just come on in!


Green Thaï  Chicken Curry with onions, peppers & peas, *dairy free - for two $22 (serve with rice) 

Matar Paneer, with green peas in a buttery tomato sauce with Indian spices - for two $22 


Spicy Apricot shrimp, (10 Argentinian shrimp) and a creamy apricot rose sauce great on pasta! - for two $22 

Moroccan Chickpea Tagine with eggplant, sweet potato, olives, raisins & fresh herbs. (serve with couscous or rice) – for two $20

Vegan Curry with an Indian spiced creamy coconut sauce, cauliflower, spinach, chick peas – for two $20 


Smoked Salmon Lasagna with white wine béchamel, capers lemon, broccoli - for two $22

Beef Bourguignon, beef stock, mushrooms, carrots, celery, pearl onions, red wine. (serve with pasta or potatoes) – for two $22 

Beef Chili, hearty traditional homemade chili–  $14 


Bolognese Sauce, beef & pork (serve with spaghetti) – for four $20 

Shrimp Gumbo with okra, tomato & spices. (serve with rice) – for two $22 


Veggie Black Bean & Beet Burger Patties -  4 patties for $16

Korean Pork Ribs marinated & finished with House Korean barbeque sauce - $22 

Braised Duck Individual pot pies pulled braised duck with a rich homemade red wine sauce and vegetables - $9 

Turkey Individual pot pies rich gravy and fresh vegetables - $8 


Samosas - 2 homemade classic vegetable samosas, crispy and delicately spiced. Served with homemade tomato chutney - $10 

Falafel - 4 homemade crispy falafel made with fresh herbs and tasty spices.  - $10 


Maple Balsamic Vinaigrette 355ml $12

Hibou Barbecue Sauce 355ml $12

Nuoc Chom Sauce 355ml $12

Gochujang Hot Sauce 150ml $11

Chipotle Hot Sauce 150ml $11


Jalapeno Passionfruit Hot Sauce 150ml $11


Spicy Mango Chutney 355ml $10


Strawberry Turnovers - puff pastry with strawberry filling - $10

Lemon Cream Puffs -  filled with a lemon custard - $10

Macaroons - bourbon maple cream and candied pecans - $10

Praline Layer Cake -  moist and rich cake filled with French classic praline almond butter cream. - $ 28

Poached Pear Layer Cake - moist and rick cake filled with French classic butter cream and poached pears. Delicate cardamom and ginger flavours - $ 28

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